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Let me begin by saying how privileged I am to have the opportunity to serve as Chairman of the ADR Section for the upcoming year. As the Section enters its sixth year, mention must be made of the successful efforts of past chairs Alan Bookman, Jake Schickel, Chuck Chance, Karen Evans and Michael Lax, to help create and grow a Florida Bar Section of 1,129 members. That growth could only be achieved through their diligence, hard work and the work of the Section’s Executive Council. As a result of those efforts, our Section is recognized by The Florida Bar and the Florida Supreme Court as an influential and active organization.

In the past year the Executive Council stepped up and asserted itself with regard to two sets of proposed rules that affected the practice of ADR and the ethical standards governing mediators. The ADR Section filed a comment to SC 2014-1852, a proposed controversial change to the rules regarding “Other ADR Processes.”...Read more

Supreme Court

ADR Executive Council Chair Bob Hoyle appears before the Supreme Court for the ADR Section on SC 14-1852.

The Supreme Court Committee on Alternative Dispute Resolution Rules and Policies is asking this Court to establish standards for professional conduct to apply to dispute resolution processes not currently covered by rules, as mediation and arbitration are. This recommendation necessitates some revisions to the rules governing procedure in civil cases and in family law cases. It also necessitates new rules established to specifically apply standards to other kinds of dispute resolution processes not covered by current rules.

Watch it here.
Supreme Court Order
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