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CLE & Meetings

The Florida Bar Winter Meeting and ADR Executive Council Meeting

Date: January 17, 2018 - January 20, 2018
Location: Hilton Double Tree, Orlando, FL

The Annual Florida Bar Convention, ADR Executive Council Meeting, and ADR CLE Program

Date: June 13, 2018 - June 16, 2018
Location: Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek, Orlando, FL


"We are creating a list of available topics and speakers to be made available to other Bar groups and Sections. Fill out this Survey if you are interested in joining this list, and return it to the address at the bottom of survey. Let us know what you can contribute."



Florida Bar

As the Chair of the ADR Section for the Florida Bar, I would like to introduce myself and welcome you to our website. I work as a full-time neutral in Jacksonville, FL, having been born and raised in FL. I would like to express my gratitude to the Immediate Past Chair Meah Tell, who successfully handled a number of difficult issues for the Section over the course of last year. Among other things, we have revised our Section By-laws, which are expected to be approved by the Florida Bar Board of Governors in October 2017. Once those revised By-laws have been approved, they will be posted on our Section webpage for ease of reference.

For those of you who do not know me, my passion is bilingual mediation...Read more

Supreme Court

ADR Executive Council Chair Bob Hoyle appears before the Supreme Court for the ADR Section on SC 14-1852.

The Supreme Court Committee on Alternative Dispute Resolution Rules and Policies is asking this Court to establish standards for professional conduct to apply to dispute resolution processes not currently covered by rules, as mediation and arbitration are. This recommendation necessitates some revisions to the rules governing procedure in civil cases and in family law cases. It also necessitates new rules established to specifically apply standards to other kinds of dispute resolution processes not covered by current rules.

Watch it here.
Supreme Court Order
Supreme Court Letter

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